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What is <span><em>Restorations</em></span>

What is Restorations

Restorations offers a Gospel path to resilience which is simple: five identity areas fully restored by Jesus so that we may be in step with the Holy Spirit and a shining witness of God’s character.

Five Identity Areas

Restorations Identity & Purpose

In order to strengthen resilience, we must have a clear understanding of our identity and purpose. The Restorations material explores the foundational elements of what it means to be made in God’s image.

Engaging with the Restorations framework will help you:

  • Navigate hostile social environments.
  • Have a clear and biblical understanding of your own identity as God’s image bearer.
  • Feel empowered to operate in your unique gifting regardless of your gender or social standing.
  • Have a clear and accurate understanding of God’s heart for you and the world.
  • Become aware of how power gets abused and why
  • Develop a firm theology that can stand against the strongest cultural forces.

How can Restorations help fix the problem?

  • It helps us better model the Christian life to the people around us.
  • It offers a compelling and credible theology for young people navigating real life today.
  • It informs discipleship in holistic theology that accurately reflects the heart of God.
  • It helps us navigate hostile social environments.
  • It provides a clear and biblical understanding of our own identity as God’s image bearer.
  • It empowers us to operate in our unique gifting regardless of our gender or social standing.
  • It increases our awareness of how power gets abused and why.
  • It develops a firm theology that can stand against the strongest cultural forces.
Identity, Relationships, & Resilience

What Are We Restoring?


In order to accurately and faithfully reflect the image and character of our Creator, we need to revisit our identity as His image bearers.

  • Our value comes from the fact that we are both made in His image, male and female
  • Our purpose is to work together as allies, not compete with one another
  • Our freedom and limitations are set by God and God alone, and were never meant to be added to or rejected by us
  • Our authority is delegated by God and shared equally; it was never meant to be abused over one another
  • And finally, our innocence comes from God who gave us the gift of living together without shame.



We need to examine the ways in which we have not acted according to Jesus’ mission of restoring mankind back to God’s Design for relationship. Unfortunately, patterns of relational brokenness are just as prevalent inside the church.

Jesus shows us the way in his interactions with people, and it’s through His example that we learn to reset our understanding of Scripture. When we live in a restored pattern of relationship, the result inevitably sees people transformed, delivered, and empowered to live in a restored relationship with their Creator and fellow man.



The mission of the local church is to accurately reflect God’s image and character in order to draw people to Him. If we don’t do this, then we fail to stand against the Adversary’s schemes as he continues his own mission to destroy the Church and ultimately dishonor God.

Now more than ever, a bold, biblical, resilient Church is needed to resist societal demise and survive intense opposition. Part of putting on the full armor of God is having an unshakeable conviction about our identity so that we may be able to stand our ground, and after we have done everything, to stand (Ephesians 6:13).

God's Original Design.

Why does Restorations matter?



culture influences how we as Christians understand our value and purpose as men and women.


we don’t see the ways in which Scripture contradicts our culture.


we don’t acknowledge the ways in which we have allowed culture rather than Scripture to inform the way we relate to one another.


we are conformed to the world and have lost our credible witness to a broken world.


social conformity makes us vulnerable in the face of opposition and/or persecution.

Freedom of Religion

Religious Persecution

Every day the human right to freedom of religion or belief is violated for millions of people across the globe.
Research on religious persecution analyzes the discrimination an individual or groups face according to their specific demographic or life-altering situations.
Restorations was originally birthed out of the experience of the persecuted Church and research showing that the local church community is often complicit in and sometimes exacerbates the persecution.
If you’re interested in finding out more about religious persecution, check out articles and research from credible sources and organisations specialising in this area, click the link below.

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